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Next Generation Exhaust Hoods

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Captiveaire's premier Commercial kitchen line. ND-2, SND-2, and BD-2 hood models. Aerodynamic design ensures full capture and containment. Complies wiht UL710 standards. Supply plenums optional (PSP and AC-PSP). Captrate grease filtration line optional. 

PSP Accessory
- Stainless Steel Construction
- Two layers of perforated metal to evenly distribute make-up air along the length of the hood
- Plenum provides up to 80% make-up air
- Easy Installation
- Optional Insulation for plenum
- Optional LED Lights

AC-PSP Accessory
- Stainless Steel Construction with Dual Plenum Design
- Dual Plenum Design - Make-up air stream and HVAC air do not mix until leaving the plenum
- Make-up Air Plenum is located nearest to the hood and provides the required amount of make-up air
- AC Plenum is farthest away from the hood and provides convenient termination point for HVAC ductwork in the kitchen
- AC Plenum is insulated to prevent condensation
- AC Plenum provides spot cooling for increased kitchen comfort
- Optional LED Lights


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